The CAROL Bike is a one-of-a-kind exercise product. Unlike other home use, high-end gym equipment, CAROL is the only exercise bike scientifically proven to give you the benefits of a 45-minute run in as little as five minutes. That's because CAROL's AI-powered workouts automatically apply the optimal resistance based on your personal fitness. Our challenge was to show people how the CAROL Bike benefits their health (more than competitor's products).


We created static and dynamic CGI animations of the CAROL Bike, showcasing its premium styling, for use across all digital touch-points.

We worked closely with CAROL product engineers to produce an exact replica of the bike in 3D. This asset eliminated photography costs and photoshoot health risks during the pandemic, providing a pixel-perfect 360-degree view of the product that allowed customers to see it from every angle and better understand how it can improve their health and wellbeing.



When CAROL launched into the fitness and health sector, our cinematic animation was critical in showing the product in all its glory, ensuring potential customers could see the bike's premium styling and understand its unique fitness benefits.

For health-conscious individuals with a busy schedule, scientific research has proven you can complete a REHITT workout in just five minutes with similar health benefits to that of a 45-minute run – driving optimum results out of the shortest possible workout. Using a 5-star rating system, customers have scored the CAROL Bike 4.7 for whipping them into shape.

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"Northern Artillery understood how important it was to develop a CGI asset highlighting the CAROL Bike's unique engineering and premium design; they really immersed themselves in our vision. Having an expert team that understood the technical aspects of our product gave us confidence that we were in good hands to elevate the CAROL Bike visually. The aim was to educate our customer base on the product's technology and leading health benefits; Northern Artillery took charge and drove our mission."

Ulrich Dempfle

CEO and Co-Founder

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3D animation, Product visualisation, Motion Graphics.