Our task was to create and produce a commercial film to highlight the off-grid availability and utilisation of Tesla’s energy-saving products on The Isle of Eigg, a remote, small island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides.

Eigg is not connected to the mainland electricity supply and has a limited-capacity energy system. It’s also home to a pioneering environmentally-conscious micro-brewery which uses Tesla’s solar panels and Powerwalls to ensure it operates reliably and sustainably.


We filmed, directed and produced a short film, the style, pace and feel of which echoes life on the stunning island whilst at the same time demonstrating the reliability of Tesla's solar panels and Powerwalls.

Powerwall is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes the primary power source when the grid goes down. Powerwall also reduces reliance on the grid by storing solar energy for use whenever needed.


"Northern Artillery was the obvious choice for this project. They are a really great team to work with and are reliable and highly-organised. We have a lot of trust in their capabilities and they never need their hands holding!"

Gemma Scott

Customer and Market Development




Commercial film