VIVID, a leading provider of affordable homes and support services in the south of England, recognised the importance of enhancing its digital customer experience to drive commercial growth and improve service delivery.

With a customer base of over 74,000 customers, VIVID was finding that the provision of efficient self-service options had become a significant challenge – hence the need for a user-friendly customer portal.

Fully responsive design


We collaborated closely with VIVID to understand their unique requirements and challenges. Through extensive research and analysis, the team identified key areas that needed attention in the customer journey and devised a comprehensive solution to address them effectively.

Customer-centric design – we prioritised user experience and created an intuitive, responsive website design that is not only visually appealing, but which also satisfies the stringent accessibility needs of VIVID’s varied customer base.

Streamlined service management – VIVID utilised newly-built modules to implement a comprehensive service management system within the portal, permitting customers to easily view and manage their housing services including the submission of maintenance requests, payment of rent and access to legal documents.

Customer dashboard – we designed and created a user-friendly interface to give quick access to relevant information, carry out actions on their account and communicate directly with VIVID through secure messaging.


Our collaboration with VIVID has begun to transform the level of online service provided to its customers. Of particular importance in this regard was the new self-serve customer portal which is already delivering significant benefits including reduced reliance on traditional support channels and the substantial take-up of direct debit rent payment options – both of which are saving VIVID a great deal of time and money.

Wider benefits of our intervention also include a welcome shift in internal communications– the portal has effectively reduced the administrative workload for VIVID staff, enabling the company to better allocate resources and focus more clearly on delivering better service. To this end, VIVID will be showcasing our work at the forthcoming Housing Technology Conference in March 2024.

Last but by no means least, we have helped to create a more positive brand perception for the organisation. The enhanced digital experience reflects favourably on VIVID’s commitment to provide great service, cementing their reputation for customer-centricity.

"The result of our work with Northern Artillery is a successful digital transformation of the customer experience. The new self-serve customer portal helps our customers to have greater control over their home and services but also enables us to deliver those services easier and quicker. Working with Northern Artillery showcases their considerable expertise in creating user-centric solutions that have enabled us to improve how we support our customers and what they can access themselves.”

Fiona Harris

Chief Information and Data Officer