Launch an innovative concept from an extraordinary team that shares a profound belief: When men live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives...everyone wins.

At the heart of this groundbreaking venture is "The Hundred" event, serving as the nucleus of the new business—a real world experience to usher in positive transformations on a grand scale.

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Embarking on the creation of a novel brand, our focus centered on a streamlined brandmark intricately woven from essential business elements, identified during the brand discovery and strategy phase.

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The new brand identity seamlessly extended its reach across a range of platforms – from online channels to physical event materials – establishing a consistent and compelling presence at every touchpoint with the audience.

To elevate the event's launch, we created a user-friendly website. Tailored for simplicity, it not only serves as a marketing platform but also handles ticket sales, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for the Nxt45 audience.


Nxt45 has triumphantly completed its inaugural event, achieving remarkable success and garnering interest from a roster of high-quality commercial brand partners wanting to align with the new brand and its ventures.

Post-event, Nxt45 seamlessly transitioned into a new phase, unveiling their bespoke app and community. This vibrant hub continues to thrive, hosting a series of exclusive online and in-person events that build anticipation for The Hundred 2024.

The journey has just begun, and the Nxt45 community is flourishing with excitement and engagement.

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