Known for its unique South American Rodizio restaurant experience, where the finest meats are freshly grilled and carved at your table, Fazenda has now opened its first restaurant in London and wanted to take the opportunity to refresh its online presence with an updated user experience.

Behind the scenes, we also understood the value and importance of the Fazenda team being able to manage content on the site as a consequence of bad experiences with WordPress.


The website was refreshed with a user experience that made the most of the delicious video and photography, incorporating interactions that further elevated the brand experience.

We also migrated Fazenda to a new headless tech stack on Strapi and Nuxt. This not only provided the company with a fast, SEO-friendly website that features the latest technologies but one that’s easy to update too.

Keeping Fazenda ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO implantations and speed enhancements also allows for a smoother internal onboarding process for their site admin team.


Fazenda instantly saw a dramatic increase in all performance report scores across website speed, SEO and accessibility. In addition, a new and improved sitemap now provides visitors with a superior user experience compared to the previous WordPress site.