IaaS Render Farm & Associated Hardware Project Tender Requirements

Request for tenders opens 25/06/2024 and closes 05/07/2024

Company Overview: We are a forward-thinking creative production agency founded in Leeds in 2021. Our mission is to” guide brands through the digital landscape and work collaboratively to deploy the highest quality experience in the places people spend their time”

Current Challenges: Our creative and technical services currently face inefficiencies due to the lack of an effective in-house render farm system. This has resulted in bottle neck across the whole of our operation as it currently takes existing machines weeks to deliver high quality images, which in turn has also impacted our ability to grow our client base.

The solution we are seeking is the set-up, integration and implementation and an IaaS Render Farm solution with Corona nodes and all associated hardware, including the purchase of:

  • 1 X Rackmount Render Server - incorporating 128GB RAM / ITB SSD / Windows 11 Pro / 10GB Network Card / AMD Ryzen 7950x 3D

  • 1 X Rackmount Backup Server – incorporating 32GB RAM / 500GB SSD / 10GB Network Card / AMD Ryzen 5600X

  • 1 X 24 Point Network Switch 10GB

  • 2 X 3D Workstation PC’s

  • 4 X 27’’ monitors and wireless keyboards

  • 6 X Apple Air Macs – https://support.apple.com/en-us/111346

Success Criteria: What we're looking for from a supplier:
Proven experience of integration / implementation of Render Farm solutions.
Strong background in server management and creative 3D systems.
Familiarity with Office 365 and its automation capabilities.
Excellent problem-solving skills and innovative thinking.

For any additional information please contact Stuart Baker: stuart.baker@northernartillery.com

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